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DD – Twist and turn without hurting

Finally, we met. It has been my pleasure and honor to have the Queen of the Champ. She has been so dearly and kind.

“Tribute to your wonderful bikini. I need some changes for the new sets. You know what I mean. Lol…,” oh come on, that really not answering my question the reporter just asks.

“When you need to practice your dance for your performance, you have to think outside the box how to twist and turn without hurting your feet further from fraction,” DD said.

This is cool! Just listen to the rhythm of your body, not to the music in your mind.

urimagessssShe is the sexiest, hottest ever. Not only having fun in the gym but getting good results, which is the sexiest body, plus healthiest.

“I am not settling anything less for mediocrity, will just focus to move forward to be better.

“I am proud to be this brave. Thank for your encouragement and confidence in me, “said DD.

How we wisely use up our time today will determine how we shape up our destiny tomorrow, she ya kinda said!

She then to sing and dance:

Tried to make it little by little,
Tried to make it bit by bit on my own,
Quit the old thoughts, grey believers,
Another zone where I get close to the bone,
Watcha gonna tell your boyfriend..No No No,
Watcha gonna tell your girlfriends..I don’t know,
Watcha gonna tell your FB friends, Let me go..

I’m gonna get dressed for success,
Shaping me up for the big time , baby
Get dressed for success,
Shaping me up for your love yea yea yea!

~ Dress For Success song by Roxette
DD is an Entrepreneur, Business Director, Certified Fitness Instructor, Fitness Athlete, and a Passionate Dancer.

Keep it up, DD!

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