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Super poses Miss Scuba

“Ohh yea, I got my advance driver license last month,” the hot model, who is also the winner of Miss Scuba Malaysia 2016, PixXie informed YourImage reporter in an exclusive interview.

Miss Scuba Malaysia 2016 was her first beauty pageant title.

Yea, congrats, Pix!!

“It is the greatest experience I`ve ever had, as I love the ocean so much. I got the opportunity to explore and learn a lot more about the conservation of marine ecosystem which I truly passionate about. It’s closely related to what I studied in my degree, B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology.


“It`s so great that I`ve been given the chance to speak for nature and be an ocean ambassador,” she said.

Asked about what she is up to, she said, soon in the future, she is going to have a new local Malaysian film. The shooting will start soon- somewhere in the mid of June.

The director is trying to introduce a new element to the local film industry – which is female action actor and story. An extreme series of training have been going on for three months already, including gym, martial arts/ action choreography, acting course, and weapons training. “I`m very excited for this new journey to start,” she added.


Pixie started modeling quite late compared to other models but she could have her most looks.

“The reason I started modeling late is that I thought I was not even close to the beauty standard of today’s society.

That`s so humble of her to say, but why does she think so?

“I have tan skin, and my eyes are not big and round as other pretty girls,” she replied.

However, the past 3 years of modeling experience have thought her something… confidence is the key word to succeed in this most challenging world of modeling industry!


” Finally I found out that `confidence` is the best make-up you can wear on stage or even just in a photograph,” she said.

PixXie started as a  freelance model and soon she`s gotten opportunities being under the camera lights of many photographers and even has a chance now to elevate herself to the next level by joining acting and film industry.

Her face features are not ideal for photography, as she said she does not have big eyes that fit photography photogenic standard, but her sexy body and poses would attract most.



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