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The beautiful has more benefits in life

Beauty matters. Unfair as it may seem. Beauty bias is here to stay. Studies show that people who are more (physically) beautiful, based on beauty standards, have more benefits in life, said Risa Caldoza in an exclusive interview on Your Image Magazine at this morning show.

“I believe that beauty is very subjective but there are standards that we can adhere to. Good clear skin, a sunny disposition, a positive outlook – all make one beautiful to me.

“If you feel good, you are going to look good and vice versa. Beauty is attainable, you just have to invest time (yes, money) and the discipline to maintain it,” said Risa.

2For Risa, mother of 3, a dermatologist, and the winner of Mrs. Interantional Global Ambassadress 2017, time management is the key to a less stressful life.

Admittedly, she seems to have so many things going on on her plate this year, but knowing her priorities and keeping them straight have always been her goal.

“Kids come first, and then medical career, pageantry, and all that it entails, the rest follows. I make sure I have time for my beautification, traveling, reading, dinner/night out with friends at least once a month, and socio-civic engagements.

“I am very fortunate that in the Philippines, the modeling industry is not as cut throat as it is in say, the United States. We make a lot of adjustments for height and weight, although a tall skinny model will always be the ideal,” she added.

She feels she was an honor to be chosen to represent the international pageant in the Philippines and be an advocate of their Stop Bullying Campaign.

Asked about what is beauty and the purpose of beauty pageants in her opinion, she said:

“I believe that beauty pageants should have a cause behind it. The advocacy behind each pageant I join should also be personal to me so I could adequately put a voice to it. For example, the stop bullying campaign of Mrs. Interanational Global resonates in me because I have two high-schoolers studying in an exclusive all-boys school.

“Bullying is rife and I have to protect them from that in my own small way, ” she added.

1.jpgRisa had tried many doors in nodelling industry when she was younger.

She started with some print ads when she was a lot younger, before medical school. After which, she got busy studying and building her medical career.

“I started ramp modeling again only in 2016, when the late fashion designer Goulle Gorospe made me one of his models.

Beauty pageants are a good venue to showcase one’s beauty, talent and of course brains. In my case, I would like to believe that more than competing with other women for a title, I am competing with myself and pushing myself how far I can go, she said.

It is every woman’s dream to be a beauty queen. It is such an honor (and tremendous pressure) for her to represent the country. winning is only icing on the cake. To stand as Mrs. Philippines in the Mrs. Tourism competition is already a big win for me, she said.

But winning is only icing on the cake. To stand as Mrs. Philippines in the Mrs. Tourism competition is already a big win for me, she said.

This year, she said she was also chosen to represent the Philippines in the Mrs. Tourism International Pageant. It will be held in Manila this October.

However, the question here, according to many people, is – a beauty queen must be a beauty! If not, another question is raising. Must they look beautiful physically, before talking about inner beauty? It should be a package.. that makes a beauty queen not only beauty in the eyes of the viewer but recognized by all.

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