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Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas

Pregnancy is a magical time for any woman – but it can also be hard too, but that’s okay because XIXILI has got you covered.

“We know about the morning sickness, the out-of-nowhere strange cravings, and obviously… a changing body shape which leads to a dramatic wardrobe change as well! We absolutely understand the difficulties in searching for the right bra to support you during you pregnant – and afterwards,” said an XIXILI statement.

Hence, XIXILI is delighted to introduce its ALL NEW Nursing Bras Collection –Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas.


Priscilla is exclusively designed to cater to the modern day nursing mommas to provide supreme comfort, support, coverage and ease. This stunner is everything a modern mom needs. With Priscilla’s beauty and the incredible support it provides, how could this be anything but?


To all new mommas, trust that Peyton’s have your back throughout maternity! 🌸🌸 Beautifully constructed as a nursing bra, Peyton is anything but basic. Count on Peyton as the collection has every detail designed to support women throughout their amazing maternity journey: from home to errands, from weekends to the office, from casual to chic. Now coming in blush tone (peach) for your feminine calling!

Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas

Priscilla & Peyton to all new & hot mommas

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