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My problem I am looking for a virgin man, a 19-year-old Asian girl says

 I came across this story today on the Star2 Sunday edition – A young Asian girl looking for a solution or advice to clear her mind. What is weird about this story is that it seems nowadays girls are also looking for virgin men to marry, but the question here is – How to know whether he is a virgin or not? Give your answer in the comments – The Lorette Magazine editor will publish the best comments here.

Here is what she wrote: I’m a 19-year-old girl who is still studying. Based on my knowledge, someone who is 19 years old is considered fully matured physically, mentally and also sexually.

In this situation, there’s one thing that is bothering me deeply. My problem is, I am searching for, or you can say that I am expecting my life partner to be a virgin.

Frankly speaking, I want my future life partner to lose his virginity to me. I’m still single (never had a boyfriend before) and am still a virgin.I know it is hard to find such a guy in this era, all the more when I reach my 20s. But I really find it difficult to accept a guy who is not a virgin and I can’t even bring myself to imagine dating someone like that.

I’m not planning to engage in any sort of relationship for now, as I want to focus on my studies first. But I am actually scared to find a life partner, as I might not be his first. For some girls, it is OK if their partner is not a virgin but I look at this matter very seriously.- The star2`

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