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Getting married and raising triplets have given me a new perspective of love and life like never before – Melissa

Former Mrs Borneo World 2017, Melissa Seow in an exclusive Interview with The Lorette Magazine/Beauty Style.

How did you start your journey into business and beauty?

I have been a digital entrepreneur since before graduating in Business Law from Monash University. Our ecommerce business sold millions on eBay and eventually became 1 of the top sellers from Asia. Then I went on to start an online fashion business with office in china, exporting to Australia, United Kingdom and United States. My career took a 2 years hiatus due to the triplet pregnancy but I have kick started back again 2 years ago as the Digital Director at Dr.Ko Skin Specialist, the “Biggest skin, aesthetic and laser centre in Malaysia” by Malaysia Book of Records – 2016, looking to empower men and women to look their best, feel their best!


Model: Melissa Seow / Photographer: Max Leong

You have been awarded many beauty pageant titles, including Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2016, Mrs Asia International Tourism 2016, Mrs Borneo World 2017, and Mrs World 2017 Best In National Costume Award. What have you done with all of them?

My achievement is the best of me today but change is the only constant that I believe is required to continuously be a better version of myself everyday.

M&V12201-1Getting married and raising triplets have given me a new perspective of love and life like never before, giving unconditional love and being an inspiring pillar to the family. My achievement in pageantry is a step towards my goal to continuously inspire and empower women around the world that they can truly lead a meaningful, fulfilling and a very happy life. Always encourage, always believe, always love.

Besides work and beauty pageants, I am also a self taught cake artist. It all started in 2013 when I was planning my triplet girls, Happy3Bub’s 1st birthday party. It started from an attempt to make a home made fondant cake for the celebration but 1 thing lead to another, I manage to pull a full blown party with a decorated table filled with home made desserts. I realise that how much of happiness and excitement my cakes and desserts brought to the guest and ultimately the birthday girls, therefore has made it a passion to continue the journey of sharing and making custom handmade happy cakes during my free time.

What inspired you to join beauty pageants?

Besides being 1 of my bucket list since I was a little girl, the fact that I am now a mother to a set of triplet daughters made me even more determine to be a role model to my daughters and many out there.

As a mother, I hope they will garner their own confidence to pursue their passion, live to the fullest and able to contribute meaningfully to the society. As I may not be physically available throughout their lifetime (cause human will age), I hope by setting a good example of my motto “Always Strive For Progression And Not Perfection,”  they will always remember mummy has tried her best to be a wife, mother, daughter and friend and hope they will bring this memory along with them to brave all the challenges in life that they will encounter in the near future and keep believing that nothing is impossible.




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