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Perfume lover expects a lot – La Femme Prada

A perfume lover expects a lot from the perfume he or she is using, especially when he/she has a limited budget.

Keeping the needs of perfume lovers across the world, from different backgrounds, a range of perfumes has emerged for women and men who are so versatile.

La Femme Prada that was launched in 2016 is a classic Prada scent that is shunning from cliches and trends to redefine floral perfumes and femininity.

This classic Eau de parfum for woman has a unique earthy feel with a touch of sensuous floral notes, musk and aromatic woods. It is great for all-day wear as well as for night engagements.

A dreamy perfume for sensuous moments. The top notes of this sensuous scent contain neroli, and juicy lemon and raspberry.  This perfume is enough to give you long hours of fragrance and captivating touch to your personality.

Active Woman perfume is loaded with a playful mix of aromatic floral and fruity notes giving you ultimate fresh experience. As the name suggests, it is designed for the active woman of today who is always on the go.

With top notes of citrus fruits, it is zesty and full of freshness. The middle notes are rich with floral fragrance with roses and jasmine. The base notes give it striking feminine yet fresh touch with sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans, vanilla sugar and white musks. It is great for all-day wear.

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