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It’s been very challenging, says TVB actress Elaine Yiu

16 Apr – TVB actress Elaine Yiu recently admitted that filming the action scenes in Jazz Boon’s new drama, “Chinatown” is way more difficult than her previous series, “The Unholy Alliance”.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who appeared alongside co-star Grace Wong in a matching leather outfit to film a scene for the said drama recently, shared that the amount of fighting in the new series is twice the amount that she did in the producer’s aforementioned 2017 drama.

“I accidentally hit my head when I attempted a backflip earlier. I also had several scenes involving jumping off a cliff or into the sea. It’s been very challenging,” she said.

Grace, who also worked with Jazz before in the hit 2016 drama, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, stated that her character uses her legs as a weapon, which means that she has sustained a lot of injuries on her thigh.

“I am still recovering from hundreds of bruises I got from all the fights I’ve done,” she said.

Credit: From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

(Photo Source: On CC)

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