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Most Stunning, Beautiful Royal Princesses in the World

Beauty is, of course, an eternally subjective concept, but here are the top stunning, most beautiful princesses and queens of the world  (according to

Gabriella Windsor Of The UK

Lady Gabriella Windsor is the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and works as a writer. She has two educational degrees, in Comparative Literature and Social Anthropology. Her great-grandparents were the late King George V and Queen Mary. She is currently dating rugby star Tom Kingston.

Lady Gabriella Windsor

Gabriella Windsor – Getty Images

Lalla Salma Of Morroco

Princess Lalla Salma of Morroco is the wife of King Mohammed, and the first female Moroccan ruler to be given a royal title publicly. She has two children with her husband and is also honored as the Dame Grand Cross in Belgium, Spain and Senegal. She founded a cancer prevention association and is actively involved with HIV and AIDS prevention in Africa.

Lalla Salma Of Morroco

Charlotte Of Monaco

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi is eighth in line to the throne of Monaco. Her maternal grandmother was the former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, and is named after her paternal grandmother, the Duchess of Valentinios. She keeps her personal life fairly private, although her romantic life is discussed heavily in public. She had a son out of wedlock with actor Gad Elmaleh in 2013, however the two have since split. It’s rumored that the cause of the split was Gad’s busy schedule and his apparent lack of desire to spend time with Charlotte and their son.

charlotte-Hello Magazine

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi- Pic by Hello Magazine


Stephanie Of Luxembourg

Originally born as a Countess, Grand Duchess Stephanie received a new title upon her marriage to Duke Guillaume, the heir to the Luxembourg throne. She is also the Princess of Nassau, as well as Parma. She is fluent in German, English and French, but can also speak a little Russian, as she studied in Moscow for a short time.

Image result for stephanie of luxembourg

Stephanie Of Luxembourg

Fathima Of Saudi Arabia

Princess Fathima Kulsum is reportedly the highest educated female in the Saudi Arabian royal family. Married to Sheikh Awadi, she maintains a fairly low profile and receives little to no coverage concerning her personal and professional affairs. She is said to be devoted to the Islamic religion, but remains an advocate for women’s rights and wishes to see progress in her country’s potential transition to equality.

Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari


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