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“I believe in Positivity,” says former beauty queen


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the proverb says.  But for Mrs. India 2017, beauty derives from having a pure soul and being positive in life.

Being positive makes you feel and look beautiful throughout the day, said Ankita Saroha in an interview with The Lorette Magazine.

“Being beautiful is accepting positive people and positive things in your life. “Accepting, respecting, and loving yourself the way you are is being beautiful,” she explained.


Asked about how she maintains her beauty and keeping fate, she said: “I maintain myself with healthy eating habits and practicing yoga.

“I always drink warm water and advises everyone to drink the same throughout the day as it keeps you hydrated and helps improve metabolism. I follow natural ways to keep myself fit and healthy.”

Every woman with a pure soul is beautiful. People accomplish things in life by fighting with different struggles. Every woman has her own struggles in her life,  but she can still accomplish things.

This is the beauty and strength within her that lead her to achieve great things.

Ankita is an engineer and a successful businesswoman. She is also the founder and director of “Mrs. India International Queen.”



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